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Letter: What a mess New Milton’s ‘wreck’ is compared to Lymington

I’ve just been walking around Woodside Park in Lymington where there is a beautiful display of flowers, borders are immaculate, trimmed trees, not a blade of grass out of place.

Then I come to New Milton ‘wreck’ – what a mess. We have one basket and one trough of flowers, oh and Jubilee Arch, no display or flower beds – why?

New Milton rec..or is it ‘wreck’?
New Milton rec..or is it ‘wreck’?

The borders are a disgrace: loads of ivy and weeds, also self-seeded sycamore and beech trees.

One of the borders has Carex pendula which becomes a troublesome weed left to reseed itself, which is what has happened. The council has left it to invade everywhere – an easy solution not to bother!

Why has the rec been neglected and Woodside tended? Are we just the poor relations?

Norma Jenkins

New Milton

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