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Christchurch MP Sir Chris Chope calls for general election to solve Tory leadership crisis

CHRISTCHURCH MP Sir Chris Chope has called for a general election to solve the political chaos gripping Westminster, angrily describing his fellow backbenchers as out of control "hyenas".

The Conservative member told national media yesterday (Thursday) that a poll was required to resolve the situation after Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister after just 44 days in charge.

Sir Chris told the Telegraph a general election should be held as his party had become "ungovernable" and was a "laughing stock".

Liz Truss has quit as PM. Picture: PA (60127230)
Liz Truss has quit as PM. Picture: PA (60127230)

He went on: "Why should one group of Tory MPs think they should hijack a PM with whom they disagree? This is the second time it has happened this year.

"The prospect is that any new PM would be similarly ambushed, undermined and humiliated."

He said a general election was the "only way out" to avoid more "instability and infighting".

The Tories' new leader should be Boris Johnson, he said, who should not have been deposed in the first place.

He repeated his call later on Newsnight on the BBC, describing his party's treatment of Ms Truss as "absolutely appalling and unforgivable".

The 75-year-old veteran politician called MPs "hyenas" who had been "out for blood and revenge".

|Sir Christopher Chope
|Sir Christopher Chope

Sir Chris went on: "The way she's been treated is a disgrace and I am ashamed of my party for behaving in that way and forcing her out of office.

"It was not as if she had lost a vote of confidence. She was forced out by enemies on the backbenches.

"They're out of control and people on the backbenches are so much out of control that I do not thing any leader will be able to command their respect unless we have a general election."

Sir Chris did not respond to the A&T's requests for comment this week.

Immediately after Ms Truss resigned, the A&T asked Tories Sir Desmond Swayne, MP for New Forest West, and Julian Lewis, of New Forest East, whether they wanted an election.

Dr Lewis said a national poll now would be skewed by the current "political crisis" and the next leader should be given the chance to show what they can do over the last few years of the parliament.

Sir Desmond said only: "I need to reflect and realign to the metaphysical plane over the weekend."

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