Protesting pupils take to the streets to ‘save our planet’

Pupils and parents from William Gilpin school gathered outside the Lymington Town Hall chanting save our planet
Pupils and parents from William Gilpin school gathered outside the town hall

PUPILS from William Gilpin School at Pilley stood with youngsters all over the world by taking part in the fourth global children’s strike for action on climate change.


Concerned children and parents from the school gathered at St Thomas’s Church in Lymington before marching down the High Street urging action on global warming.

They called out chants of ‘save our planet’ and waved handmade banners they had crafted from recycled fabric, one of which read: ‘cool kids saving a hot planet’, whilst receiving applause from supportive passers-by as the procession made its way to the town hall.

Pupils from the school marched in last month’s global strike after their parents were allowed to take them out of lessons so they could publicly voice their worries and deliver letters they had written to councillors at the town hall.

They hope to raise awareness of the need to take action to prevent further climate change, and to persuade local authorities to consider what action can be taken locally.

One of the parents who helps organise the school marches, Emily Hamilton, said: “We have been talking at school about the global strikes and we thought we would join in and do our bit to stand up in support and say save our planet, because time is running out.

“Everyone is so enthusiastic and it just shows how much people care that we can have a conversation with children and adults about the environment.

“We have banners including a beautiful one made by the children with recycled fabric and drums and will be asking for adults to take action on climate change and finished with a picnic for the children.”