Police tell roof-climbing youngsters: ‘Stop before someone gets hurt’

Wildground Junior School
Three teens were caught by police on the roof of Wildground Junior School

POLICE and teachers are urging youngsters to stop climbing onto the roofs of local schools before someone is badly hurt.


Officers on the Waterside revealed on Thursday they had detained a trio of 14 and 15-year-olds after being caught on the roof of Wildground Junior School in Dibden Purlieu.

They had been causing “distress and nuisance” to those using the hall at the time, they said from the @WatersideCops Twitter handle.

The youngsters were ordered to leave Wildground Junior School but not before having their details taken so that letters could be sent to their parents.

The incident is not the first of its kind, officers added: “We have noticed an increase in [anti-social behaviour] and dangerous behaviour by youths climbing on school roofs often at night in adverse conditions which put them at risk of death or serious injury.”

They tweeted later: “Sadly there are always a few who put themselves at risk and cause nuisance to others.

“A moment’s hijinks and silliness can destroy a life full of promise in one slip. Any support to get the message across is always appreciated.”

Referenced in the tweets were schools across the Waterside: Applemore College, Noadswod, Blackfield Primary, Hythe Primary, Marchwood Junior and Orchard Junior.

Noadswood School tweeted back: “Thank you @WatersideCops for your hard work on this important issue. Let’s all join together on this one.”