SIR – I must respond to Tina Endall’s letter on wheelie bins published in the A&T newspaper last week.


Having lived in New Milton for 48 years I do not understand the request to “bring back” wheelie bins.

To my knowledge New Forest District Council has always adopted the waste bag collection, which has always worked very efficiently.

We live opposite a wooded area and have often seen foxes in our front garden, but only once many years ago, did we have a waste bag damaged.

A waste disposal unit installed over 20 years ago deals with 99% of our food waste.

Birds and vermin will only attack bags where food has not been wrapped securely.

We keep our bags in dustbins and put them out late the night before, or early on the day of collection.

If you use Google Street Map, have a look at areas of Southampton or many towns in the Midlands, and see how the “street scene” has been ruined by rows and rows of wheelie bins. Do we want to see this in our areas?

It should also be appreciated many properties have gravel drives making manoeuvring a wheelie bin so difficult many will not bother but leave the bin by the front boundary.

Similarly, elderly residents simply will not be able to deal with the weight of a full bin.

So let’s trust that the local authority will retain the current collection system that has proved so reliable over the years.

C Moore, New Milton