Village rejects New Forest plans for wheelie bins

Wheelie bins
The New Forest District Council has proposed wheelie bins to help solve its recycling problems

PROPOSALS for wheelie bins across the New Forest have been rejected by Copythorne Parish Council as members attacked “misleading” information about the costs of the scheme.


New Forest District Council recently launched a consultation on plans also including rubbish and recycling collection on alternate weeks and a separate weekly food waste pickup.

Currently, residents use black and clear plastic sacks for their rubbish and recycling, which is picked up weekly, and a box for a once every four week glass collection. There is currently no service for food waste.

Discussing the move at the latest Copythorne Parish Council meeting, members said
NFDC’s report detailing the overhaul lacked clarity and have sent a long list of questions to officers.

They pointed out the introduction of a food waste collection would be an additional cost, despite claims by NFDC that the new system would be “cost and carbon efficient”.

“Vehicle types and the various containers would have to be decided upon and, presumably, increase costs,” stated Cllr Steve Herra, vice-chair of the parish council, in his report to fellow members.

“Food waste would be sent for anaerobic digestion but we have no suitable sites within the county. The optimum site would be a farm where the farmer would use the fertiliser on his land – again there are no costings for this.”

The parish council also questioned what residents were expected to do if their waste exceeded the capacity of their wheelie bin, and alleged NFDC’s communication around recycling had been “ineffective”.

Footpaths in the village were very narrow, the council said, and bins lined up along them could pose a danger to parents with pushchairs and wheelchair users.

“We were told 90% of councils use wheelie bins, which means [many other] councils do not,” said Cllr Herra. “What are their recycling figures like compared to those other 90%? And what other factors were taken into account in not adopting the wheelie bins?”

The council also warned that bins may be used to “spy” on residents, citing examples of councils including Bristol microchipping containers in order to “monitor how much rubbish was being thrown away”.

Cllr Herra concluded: “With there being so many unanswered questions and misleading information regarding the costings, the report has come up short in a number of areas and more work and further clarification is required.”

Members agreed to send a list of 10 questions, including asking if residents can “opt out” of the system.

NFDC says wheelie bins would apply to about 90% of homes in the New Forest and help drive down waste generation and increase recycling, as well as prevent the mess often caused by split sacks which are attacked by birds and animals.

The four-week public consultation period by NFDC, which started on 12th November, will end on 10th December.



  1. There are many holes in the NFDC Waste Strategy document apart from cost. As stated in the article there are no digester plants in the county (apart from Andover which would be unable to cope with the increased volume). The council have not itemised the cost or methodology for transport of food waste to any such facility or proposed building a new one. Neither have they considered the pollution problem of lorries required to facilitate such transport. The comparisons between the NFDC and other Hampshire Councils are misleading. Virtually all other councils collect food waste on a 2 weekly cycle but NFDC suggest that they will collect weekly. That immediately doubles the cost of collection compared with other places but that isn’t mentioned. Could that be because NFDC would change, very quickly, to a fortnightly collection? Part of their proposal is the use of ‘food caddies’. The idea is that you have one indoors which you empty into one outdoors which is collected. For the vast majority of people the addition of yet another waste container into their kitchen will be impracticable, given that you won’t be able to put food wrapping into that caddy. Unless biodegradable or similar liners are provided it will mean having to wash out that indoors caddy every time it’s emptied. They fail to have taken evidence into account of the fact that the outside food caddies in general use elsewhere do not lock and, in rural areas, are a target for wildlife as they are easily knocked over. If they are outside for a week or a fortnight they are far more likely to be raided than a black bag that is put out on a weekly basis. However, the main objection to this plan is the total lack of genuine public consultation. The survey which they are now publishing is a joke. It doesn’t genuinely ask for opinions, it merely gives a set of alternatives which come nowhere near the actual objections to the scheme and when it asks for comments it limits the amount of space that you can write in. The only reason the NFDC is rushing this through is their complete inability to have planned in the past to properly collect and recycle waste. It appears that all they really want to do is fall into line with Veolia, who are the main contractor for removing waste through out Hampshire. In a Facebook poll taken by Totton residents there was a clear majority for staying with the current black bag system which, if properly handled and modified, could easily be adapted to suit Government guidelines. It should be noted that although the NFDC say there is likely to be legislation governing waste recycling there is no actual requirement and consultations are still going on. In short, NFDC residents are being forced into an unnecessary and expensive scheme that has not been properly thought out. I commend Copythorne Parish Council for stepping up to challenge this farce.

  2. Philip, I am due to relocate from Buckinghamshire to the New Forest in the next couple of months. I current have the wheelie bin system and am suprised by some of your comments. Having been a wheelie bin-er and food cad-ier for over four years, I feel able to speak from experience. Yes, having three wheelie bins, a food caddy bin and paper box is problematic having to store all of the receptacles especially if space at your property is tight. No, food waste is not a problem and Buckinghamshire collect weekly, not bi-weekly and you can buy compostable liner bags widely from stores and supermarkets so the food caddy system is not messy. You can wash out the caddy outside. Yes, collection day for me is one standard bin lorry and one small food waste truck. I also pay £35 per year for a green (garden) waste wheelie bin which is collected bi-weekly and makes disposing of garden waste a cinch. Whilst I do dislike the many large bins that I have to store on my premises, it is a very tidy system and I am dreading going back to having to use plastic sacks, more waste plastic, when I move to the New Forest.

    • Colin. I lived with wheelie bins for 20 years before moving here. The bag collection system is much, much better. I don’t have to have a row of 4 bins stored somewhere on the premises or to try and manoeuvre a wheelie bin up 3 steps to the pavement. Nor does it have to stay there all day any more until I move it back in. Yes, I can wash out a bin or caddy outside – which means I’m spreading rotting food debris on my property. No thank you. The FACT is that ALL bar one area in Hampshire collect every fortnight not weekly. To collect weekly will cost twice as much as weekly. Do rally think NFDC will stay with a weekly collection when they, like all the other areas in Hampshire use Veolia as a contractor? Not a prayer. Can you point to a food digester plant in the New Forest area? You can’t because there isn’t one. Nor is there any plant close to the area so there’s a huge transport problem to deal with, which hardly contributes towards the government plan of going green does it? Do explain how people living in terraced houses are supposed to put their 4 bins out on to the pavement? Are they supposed to disfigure their house fronts by lining the bins up there or cart them through the house for each collection and then cart them back? I have a close friend who is a recycling expert who deals with councils, recycling plants and waste contractors all over the UK and parts of Europe. My information comes from him and he is adamant that the bin system is only there for the convenience of those making money from it – not the public. It would be perfectly practical to sort rubbish into bags, perhaps of different colours, for collection and perfectly practical to have bags that can, themselves, be recycled without bins and the additional lorries for this idiotic plan (drawn up by someone who lives well out of the area).

  3. It appears that the habit of lack or clarity and misleading information has seeped out from the Planning dept Into other depts too.
    Well done for not believing the fairy stories wish all parish councils and local councillors were as conscientious. Some sadly will agree with everything that comes out of Appletree court with out question

  4. green trees replaced,
    replaced by green wheelie bins.
    as the song goes
    dig up all the trees and put them in a tree museum ,
    charge us all to see them .
    the green bins will look nice lining the streets of brockenhurst.
    i think the council should buy every one a small pig for the food waste.
    it would cheaper.
    so no no no to bin’s
    paul carbis

  5. I wont be using a wheelie bin as knowing this council the bins might come with microchip in each one to charge people on pay as you throw. Plus the wheelie bins are expensive & dont actually get recycling rates up!
    Also the wheelie bins would be open on collection day for passers by to put any **** in your bin & it would be the bin owner who would get a fine.

  6. lower back pain
    neck pain
    leg pain .

    the bags are out just a few hours then gone
    the bins will be there for ever.
    visible from space all the time .
    and in ones eye sight .
    and we are suppose to be getting rid of plastic

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