Flood risk as heavy rain and thunderstorms forecast in weather warning

weather warning thunderstorms
The weather warning covers a wide area across the south

A WEATHER alert has been issued for tomorrow (Thursday) with thunderstorms and heavy rain increasing the risk of flooding.


The yellow warning, issued by the Met Office, predicts up to 25mm of rain fall in an hour across the local area, with some receiving up to 40mm over two to three hours.

The disruptive weather is due to hit between midday and 9pm.

The Met Office said there was a “small chance” fast-flowing floodwater would put lives at risk, along with homes and businesses flooding quickly, and communities cut off by flooded roads.

There was also the chance of power cuts, and warned of delays to bus and train services.

Motorists are urged to take extra care as conditions could make driving particularly difficult, closing roads and affecting journey times.