‘Carbuncle’ flats scheme defended by developer

walkford flats
PLANS for a block of 14 flats in Walkford (picture: ARC Architects Ltd)

PLANS for a block of 14 flats in Walkford attacked by neighbours as a “carbuncle” have been defended by the developer as a way of helping retirees downsize without leaving the area.


Richard Carr, of Fortitudo Ltd, has applied for outline permission from BCP Council to demolish a large house in Chewton Farm Road and erect apartments in its place.

He told the A&T: “A lot of elderly people would love the security of a flat and being part of a community, but at present there is nothing suitable for them to move to.

“We believe our plan is filling in a segment of the market which is presently missing.”

He added: “By building the apartments we would also unlock three, four-bedroom homes currently being occupied by one or two people for families.”

The plans show modern-style flats with large areas of landscaping and the retention of trees already on the plot. There will be 13 two-bedroom flats and one one-bedroom along with 14 parking spaces.

Mr Carr said: “The apartment block is in keeping with other similar buildings in the area so will not look out of place.

“There will also be lovely gardens which residents will be able to enjoy without having to worry about the upkeep of one.”

There have been 18 objections to the plans lodged with BCP Council from residents living nearby. One claimed it was “unbelievably inappropriate”.

Another said it was “an enormous development and out of character” while one said it would be a “carbuncle in a lovely residential area”.

BCP Council is set to make a decision after the deadline for public comments on 30th April.

If approved, the outline scheme would still have to secure further permission for details before construction could go ahead.



  1. It’s not in my area but, only 14 parking spaces! are the residents not meant to have visitors?
    The picture in this report is obviously not to scale and is showing extremely large trees so as to make the building look much smaller than it actually will be.

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