Town’s festive illuminations snatched by Christmas grinches

Totton Christmas lights
The illuminations were pinched while volunteers (pictured) were setting them up

VOLUNTEERS have been shocked by the theft of Christmas lights as they were being installed in Totton early on Sunday morning.


The star-shaped motifs were left at the bottom of each lamppost in the town ahead of being secured later that morning, but organisers later noticed two had gone missing from Commercial Road.

Town councillor Neville Penman, who is a member of the Christmas lights committee, wrote on Facebook urging the culprits to bring them back.

He said: “So we don’t stop the traffic in Totton for a long time, we started at 5.30am and placed them at every lamppost in and around the centre, ready to fix them on once the hoist arrived.

Totton Christmas lights
The Christmas lights were meant to be attached to lampposts in Totton

“While still dark, someone took two of them. Why they did this we are not sure – to sell or just for fun – but we have CCTV cameras in Totton and we are giving whoever took them time to just put them back and that will be that.

“If not, we will look at the cameras and then it will be reported [to the police].”

The news attracted condemnation from locals. One wrote: “What is wrong with people? You do something for the benefit of the community and some lowlife does this. Unbelievable.”

Another wrote: “Name and shame then if you find out who they are. A big thank you to all the volunteers who have made Totton more festive.”

The town’s Christmas lights will be officially switched on this Sunday by former Saints’ footballer Francis Benali, following a lantern parade through the town which starts at 5pm.

There will also be stalls and fairground rides from 2pm in nearby Library Road.