Totton charity shop boss ‘sick’ to discover Christmas burglary

Nicki Desty, manager of the Barnardo’s charity shop in Commercial Road, Totton

THE manager of a charity shop said she was left “sick to the pit of my stomach” after returning to work over Christmas to discover it had been burgled.


Nicki Desty got the nasty surprise when she opened up at Barnardo’s in Commercial Road, Totton, last Friday morning.  The offenders had made off with around £200 of takings after carrying out an untidy search.

“I was pretty shocked to be honest, and angry,” she told the A&T. “I did feel a bit sick – the feeling is sick to the pit of my stomach – but as it has sunk in I’m just sad. We’ve been added to the list of Totton shops that have been burgled, and it’s now quite a substantial list.”

Nicki, who has been the manager of the store for around four years, said the thieves had forced their way in through a rear door by ripping off one of the locks.

“They got over a 6ft fence that’s behind us and they did that using a small wall behind it – which in the past I have asked the town council to move,” Nicki continued.

“I’ve spoken with town councillors, including Neville Penman, who is a customer of ours, and David Harrison, and I hope it will be looked at again now.

“While it may not stop people getting over the fence I feel it would be a help to us, as people drinking do congregate there because of that wall.”

Hampshire Police confirmed they are investigating the incident, which happened sometime overnight between Thursday 27th December and 7.15am on Friday.

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting crime reference number 44180479582, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.