Woman ‘murdered by police officer’ had unsent note on phone exposing affair, trial hears

Timothy Brehmer trial note
Claire Parry was found dying at the Horns Inn, West Parley (photo: Google)

AN ANGRY nurse wrote a note savaging her married policeman lover of 10 years which she meant to send to his wife exposing their affair, a murder trial has heard.


Claire Parry penned the short letter on her mobile phone after discovering defendant Timothy Brehmer was a “womaniser” who had cheated on his wife with several women, including her.

But according to claims made in Salisbury Crown Court, she never got the chance to send it as Brehmer (41), from Woodcock Lane in Hordle, killed her two days later during an argument in his car outside a pub in West Parley, near Christchurch.

The note was found on 41-year-old Claire’s phone at the scene. It had been written on 7th May this year and was addressed to father-of-one Brehmer’s wife, Martha.

Prosecutor Richard Smith read it out at the trial of Brehmer, who admits manslaughter but denies murder.

Timothy Brehmer
(Picture Dorset Police/BNPS)

Parts of it said: “Myself and others have fallen victim to his promises and charms, his promises of being in a loveless marriage.

“I have since realised that I was not and am not the only one he weaved this story to.

“There are at least two more. He tells us we are special and he’s fallen in love with us.”

Mr Smith said Mrs Parry had said she had “her eyes opened to what kind of man” Brehmer was after speaking to a former lover of his, police officer Kate Rhodes.

Mrs Parry, who lived in Bournemouth with her husband and two children, had set up a fake account on Facebook under a false name.

She made contact with Ms Rhodes who revealed that she and the defendant had an affair between 2011 and 2012.

Mr Smith said: “Kate Rhodes had not appreciated that this defendant had been married. She felt she had been taken advantage of by this defendant, and other women beyond even herself. She was beginning to see him in a very different light.

“Claire started to use phrases like being ‘sucked in’ to Kate, and expressed her thoughts that she was minded to tell Martha about the affair they had been having all those years.”

He told the jury that by the time Mrs Parry came to meet Brehmer at the pub car park, she was facing the end of her marriage.

The court has heard Mrs Parry was found dying at the scene. Brehmer has denied strangling her, saying the injury happened when he tried to get her out of his car.

The trial continues.



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