Hordle policeman who killed his lover found not guilty of murder

timothy brehmer not guilty
Timothy Brehmer killed his lover of 10 years Claire Parry after an argument at the Horns Inn pub

POLICEMAN Timothy Brehmer has been found not guilty of murdering his lover by a jury.


Having deliberated for just under three hours at Salisbury Crown Court, jurors unanimously decided to acquit the 41-year-old, of Woodcock Lane, Hordle.

Brehmer had admitted manslaughter in relation to the death of Claire Parry (41), at the Horns Inn pub in Parley, near Christchurch, on 9th May.

However, he denied murder.

His trial heard how the pair had met at the pub car part at her request just before 3pm on the day as she had become upset having discovered he had been having affairs with other women during their 10-year affair.

Both got into his car when an incident occurred which led to her death.

In his defence, Brehmer claimed her death inadvertently occurred while he was trying to get her out of his vehicle.

Judge Richard Jacobs said he will sentence Brehmer on the manslaughter charge at 2.30pm this afternoon.