‘He has stolen someone who meant so much to so many’ – husband pays tribute to wife killed by Hordle policeman as sentencing delayed

timothy brehmer husband tribute
Timothy Brehmer and Claire Parry had met up at the Horns Inn, West Parley (photo: Google)

A KILLER policeman from Hordle was blasted by his victim’s husband for telling “lies” and crying “crocodile tears” ahead of his sentencing.


Andrew Parry scolded Timothy Brehmer (41), of Woodcock Lane, calling him the “worst type of thief” in the wake of Brehmer being found not guilty of murdering Claire Parry.

Addressing Brehmer and the court, Mr Parry said: “He has stolen a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, friend and someone who meant so much to so many people”.

He paid tribute to his late wife, a nurse who was 41, for her devotion to their children and her selfless service in her work, before contrasting that with Brehmer. Mr Parry suggested Brehmer sought to “blame” her for the incident and his comments had downplayed all her many “good” qualities.

“I have been forced to hear his lies and see his crocodile tears,” Mr Parry said, castigating Brehmer for casting Claire – who saved lives and cared for others – in a bad light and then telling jurors how he had saved “two kittens” once in the line of duty as part of his defence.

Mr Parry also recalled how he told his two children their mother had died, and how initially their son did not believe him. “He said ‘you are pranking me’, but his sister patted him on the arm and said ‘no, he is serious’.”

Just hours before Mr Parry’s statement, a jury unanimously found Brehmer not guilty of murdering Mrs Parry at the Horns Inn car park in Parley, near Christchurch, on 9th May.

Timothy Brehmer was found not guilty of murder

Brehmer had admitted manslaughter in relation to her death. The trial heard how the pair had been having an affair for 10 years and she had asked they meet on the day as she was upset, having found out he had been having other affairs since they had met.

Prosecutors claimed he strangled her in an angry rage after she used his phone to text his wife, Martha Brehmer, and said “I’m cheating on you”; Brehmer claimed he was trying to get her out of his vehicle to leave and was inadvertently responsible for her death while doing so.

A post-mortem examination concluded that the cause of death was a brain injury caused by compression of the neck.

In his comments to court, Mr Parry recalled picking up their children on a “beautiful spring day”, knowing he was going to deliver news that would “bring their whole world crashing down”. He even took them to a quiet spot as he feared they would simply run off devastated.

When they realised he was telling the truth, his daughter burst into tears and begged to go home – but he could not as Dorset Police had cordoned it off as a crime scene.

“I know that was necessary for the investigation, but it would not have been necessary but for the actions of Brehmer,” he said.

Mr Parry told the court how Brehmer had deprived him of the chance to save his marriage, and left a “gaping chasm” in their family. There would be an “empty space” at the Christmas dinner table this year, future family gatherings and important events, such as christenings, weddings and graduations.

He revealed how he had to be prescribed pills to sleep, was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and struggled to endure the “humiliation” of having their marital home searched by work colleagues with whom he had been friends for many years.

Mr Parry also revealed the heartbreak he was forced to endure through having “intimate details” of his married life aired in a public court.

“We shall feel the emotional impact of all of this for the rest of my life, I still have a long way to go to recover and have no idea what the long-term effects will be.”

He said he had two heart procedures in the last year, and the ongoing stress was not helping, and revealed in the middle of the trial he had to dash off to his daughter’s school after she fell in her school playground and broke her wrist.

Mr Parry said he then had to accompany her to the casualty unit at Bournemouth Hospital – which is where his wife died – and it was the first time he had been back there since her death.

Claire Parry suffered a broken neck bone in the incident

His wife had earned more than £50,000 a year and could have taken home £1m before retiring, he added, but stressed the financial aspect was not forefront in his mind, that he was now a single parent having to bring up two children on one income, which would affect his health and stress.

In another emotional statement, Claire’s parents said they had been left with a “deep, deep emotional sadness”, adding: “This man has caused devastating changes to our lives, the consequences of which we will always live with and suffer.”

Judge Richard Jacobs has adjourned the case overnight and will deliver his sentence on the manslaughter charge on Wednesday morning.

Speaking after the jury’s verdict, DCI Richard Dixey, from Dorset Police’s Major Crime Investigation Team, said: “Our thoughts remain with the family of Mrs Parry and I would like to pay tribute to the dignified way in which they have conducted themselves throughout the investigation.

“I would like to thank all those involved in the investigation, including our partners in the Crown Prosecution Service and the prosecution team, for their assistance in this difficult case.”

The force also revealed it started misconduct proceedings against Brehmer as soon as he had pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The hearing was presided over by Chief Constable James Vaughan, who ruled Brehmer be dismissed with immediate effect and placed on the national barred list

CC Vaughan said: “As police officers our duty, first and foremost, is to protect the public and for a serving officer to take a life of another in this way is incomprehensible.

“His conduct fell dramatically below that which I, his colleagues and the public expect from a police officer and he clearly has no place holding the office of constable.

“Our thoughts very much remain with Claire Parry’s family, friends and loved ones. Our commitment to supporting her family and all those good officers in the Dorset Police family who have been affected by this incident will continue.

“I would like to thank the investigation team for the fair, dispassionate and professional manner in which they approached this extremely difficult case.”