Villagers’ fury as thieves snatch food from Tesco delivery van

Tesco delivery
The Tesco van was targeted during a delivery run in Nomansland (Photo: stock image)

FOOD supplies were stolen when a Tesco delivery van was robbed in the New Forest.


The vehicle was targeted around 1.30pm on Sunday while it was parked in the Chapel Lane area in Nomansland.

One of the residents who lost their goods in the incident told the A&T the driver was making a delivery at a property on the other side of the road at the time it took place.

Posting on a local Facebook page, one said the thieves stole several trays of goods set to be delivered to them, as well as the property being served at the time and third one.

One of the other victims posted: “They stole all our fridge and frozen food!”

Other people vented their anger at the offenders targeting those who were depending on home food deliveries as many self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis.

One wrote: “That’s awful. How can anyone do that!”

Another posted: “It was only a matter of time… Everyone has gone nuts!”

A further comment on the page said the Tesco driver, who is thought to have come from the Salisbury store, had promised replacement items would be delivered to the addresses on Monday.

Tesco delivery
The van’s driver was delivering goods to a home in the Chapel Lane area when the offence took place (Photo: Google)

One of the victims commented: “At least the spaghetti came for our elderly neighbours who were struggling to get pasta.

“In return our neighbour threw us some sausages over the fence as all the meat we had ordered was stolen.”

A Tesco spokesperson told the A&T: “The police are aware of this incident and we’re supporting their enquiries.”