Swing low, sweet New Milton charity

The Ecuadorian schoolchildren in the Amazon basin resplendent in their vintage New Milton Rugby Club shirts

NEW MILTON RUGBY CLUB’S first team player Jack Corbett and his dad David have come up with a novel idea for reusing old New Milton RFC rugby kits.


The father and son duo went on a two-week trip to Ecuador and as well as packing school supplies to distribute to underprivileged children in the Amazon basin they squirrelled away two sets of old Milton rugby kits in their suitcases.

Once in Ecuador Jack and David hired motorbikes to deliver the school supplies, but the rugby kits were too big to be carried on the bikes and had to be delivered by another group in a back-up vehicle at a later date.

Recently, David and Jack were delighted to receive news of the impact the rugby kits had had and were also sent a photograph of youngsters at a school in the Amazon basin proudly wearing the New Milton kits!

David told the A&T: “I was really pleased to see the photo as we hadn’t been able to distribute the kits ourselves due to lack of room as we’d also taken other stuff such as books, pens and pencils and some balls. Plus we had to carry our gear as well for the two-week tour.

“The gear we dropped off was split into two schools. The second school we visited by canoe with the bikes onboard as there isn’t road access, so it was fun loading the boat!

“The school made us so welcome, the children put on a traditional dance for us and made us get up as well. Theresa May had nothing on my ‘dad dancing’. Jack couldn’t control his laughter, thankfully there’s only a couple of seconds of video.”