Forest MP Swayne votes against ‘malicious’ third lockdown

swayne third lockdown
Sir Desmond Swayne speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday (picture:

THE third lockdown has been branded “malicious” by New Forest West MP Sir Desmond Swayne who was among 16 voting against the new laws.


Despite rising infection and death rates, Sir Desmond told the House of Commons yesterday (Wednesday) the detailed regulations were “pervaded by pettifogging malice” and an assault on livelihoods.

Prime Minster Boris Johnson replied: “Pettifogging, yes. Malicious, no.”

No vote was cast by either Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East, nor Sir Chris Chope, MP for Christchurch.

Sir Desmond’s criticism followed an intervention over the new year in which he urged the government to consider “alternative” expertise on the pandemic other than from the official Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

He said statisticians leading in their fields would be able to “arm ministers, with the right questions to ask about the validity of the modelling and the data”.

He also questioned how experts had discovered a more transmissible strain after the government had wavered in following their advice to impose Christmas restrictions.

He said if he were in ministers’ position, he would find “great difficulty in having the wherewithal to identify and ask the right questions to be sure that they were on the money, or 100 miles from it”.

During a subsequent debate on public health, Sir Desmond said the lockdown was a “situation of state capture” and claimed the government was in “thrall” to SAGE – which he said was a “crazed lobby” that advocated policies which had “manifestly failed”.
Continuing his point, Sir Desmond said his accusation was based on the fact we were now in a third lockdown and experts had predicted some restrictions could continue until the festive period of 2021. Politicians were also being influenced by opinion pollsters who were insisting the public wanted tighter restrictions, he said.
But he doubted whether the public would be so favourable when the “devastating economic consequences of this policy come home to roost”, predicting a double-dip recession and “years of slow growth” with firms prevented from taking up opportunities owing to the debt they will be “saddled with”.
Voters will then “abandon” politicians who backed the lockdown, Sir Desmond reckoned, and only then will his MPs “point the finger of blame”.

His comments sparked criticism by Liberal Democrat Cllr Jack Davies, from Pennington, who ran against Sir Desmond in the last general election.

He said: “Desmond Swayne has, once again, embarrassed the New Forest with his ramblings in the House of Commons.

“He has abandoned his main responsibility as an MP, which is to protect the people he serves.

“Desmond Swayne’s call for ‘alternative experts’ to SAGE is a desperate attempt to salvage his own credibility after he claimed the pandemic ended in the summer and was proven wrong.

“The depressing thing is, if people like Desmond Swayne had got behind the measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic from the very start, we would be in a much better place with fewer cases and fewer deaths.”

The lockdown vote on Wednesday also featured a plea by Sir Chris that vaccinated older people could be allowed to socialise to celebrate Brexit.

Meanwhile, Dr Lewis called on the government to “sweep away” bureaucratic form-filling to enable retired medics to join the national vaccination effort quicker.

He said it should prioritise “turning the national vaccination effort into an all-out 24/7 operation,” and publish the total number of vacant NHS beds every week and the total number of people vaccinated every day.



  1. Fergus Walsh on the BBC 10 o’clock news was in a hospital with doctors saying that in a week’s time the NHS risks being overwhelmed to the point where they will be unable to deal with non-covid emergencies like heart attacks, strokes and RTA victims….

    These covidiot pandemic deniers (Swayne, Toby Young, James Delingpole – anyone notice a theme there?) have blood on their hands. We must not forget that.

  2. swayne is a self serving, deluded, closeted new forest Tory landed gentry moron from yesteryear. All his predictions about covid 19 are proven false and worse, he now wishes to rid us of expert scientific advice over a pandemic he just can’t get his head around due to aforesaid closeted existence. Get yourself up to the general in Southampton mr swayne and get yourself a good hard dose of the horrible reality. Then go home and visit your nearest and dearest with the good chance of passing on a potentially lethal infection. You make me sick

  3. Have got no time for this clown,he still lives in the Victorian age,my father passed away early Dec of covid.believe he was parachuted into his seat but has no empathy with what is going on around him,also the sad thing is that people still blindly vote for him.

  4. I would have sympathy with Mr Swayne’s position if it were backed up with any evidence- there is none. Should he wish to put in a shift shadowing a porter in a local ICU containing hospital it might help dispel his ignorance. As one who gave him a vote in the past, I must admit to a terrible error in helping elect a person who lacks the intelligence required for such a role. I apologise to the UK population having burdened you with this man as a representative.

    I feel the anti-COVID behaviour observed which has worsened the seriousness of this pandemic has been stoked by the antics of Mr Swayne, and for my part in giving this man such a soapbox I am very sorry, undoubtedly I have unwittingly led to more people becoming sick and more people dying.


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