Swan rescued after crash-landing onto pub roof

swan rescued
The swan refused to come down from the roof of Ye Old George pub in Christchurch (picture: RSPCA)

A SWAN had to be rescued by the RSPCA after it crash-landed onto the roof of Ye Old George pub in Christchurch.


The landlords of the Castle Street hostelry were woken by a loud noise at 8am which they discovered was caused by the huge bird.

RSPCA inspector Jo Story, who helped in the rescue, said: “They had hoped he would come down on his own.

The bird was released into the river (picture: RSPCA)

“But the only way down into the pub’s courtyard had lighting strung across, as well as tables and chairs, and the swan wasn’t keen so we were called in to help the pub’s feathered guest to safety.”

The only way to rescue the bird was by approaching it through a hatch in the roof at the pub.

The RSPCA inspectors hoped they would be able to persuade the swan to fly off, but it refused. They then tried to catch it with a reach-and-rescue pole, but this was not long enough.

Eventually they managed to grab it and bring it off the roof. The swan was not injured and was released into the nearby river.

Ms Story said: “It is incredibly rewarding to successfully rescue and release an animal in need back into the wild – it’s why we do what we do!

“I’m also really grateful to the landlords for showing kindness and finding help for the swan. I’m just sorry the public can’t enjoy their beer garden at this time, like this swan tried to do!”