VIDEO: Thieves with bolt croppers make off with motorbike

Suzuki Crescent
The Suzuki, worth £5,000, was stolen in the early hours of New Year’s Day

SUSPECTED thieves were caught on CCTV the night a £5,000 Suzuki motorcycle was stolen from outside a Ringwood home.


The blue-and-white bike had been chained up underneath the external stairwell of the block of flats in Butlers Lane, Poulner, when it was taken early on New Year’s Day.

Owner Dave Fisher discovered it was missing when he left his flat the following day, around midday.

Having contacted neighbouring businesses in the hope the theft was caught on camera, Mr Fisher was invited to view recordings taken by a chip shop’s CCTV feed.

After watching about two days’ worth of footage, he found two significant segments. The first of which showed two hooded men apparently “casing the place” around midnight.

The second (above) seemed to show a van pull into the site around 1.40am before a hooded pair walk past the camera towards where the bikes are kept. One is carrying what appear to be bolt croppers.

Minutes later, the pair is shown wheeling Mr Fisher’s motorbike towards where the van entered the site.

Mr Fisher hit out at the police for what he saw as a lack of interest in the crime after he had reported it via the non-emergency 101 number and several times afterwards to pass on more information.

“I phoned 101 on 4th January to tell them I had the footage and they told me they would reopen the case,” he told the A&T.

“I hit the bloody roof at that and said, ‘What are you talking about, reopening it – it should be an ongoing investigation!’.

“A couple of days later an officer called me and asked for the CCTV footage which I sent by email. But she emailed back to say she can’t forward the footage on to police officers to look at because it doesn’t show a clear crime.

‘It’s absolutely diabolical!’

“I’ve got the damn guys walking past with bolt croppers, and they say it’s not a crime. It’s absolutely diabolical!”

Mr Fisher also said he had unsuccessfully tried to persuade officers to review CCTV of local roads for the suspicious van, stressing they would not have been busy that time of night.

“I’m not sure what I’m more annoyed about. The loss of my bike or the police not doing anything about it. I’m not paid to be a policeman. That’s their job.”

In response to Mr Fisher’s criticism, a Hampshire police spokesperson said the force had looked into all lines of enquiry relating to the theft. However, they added any new information provided would be looked into.

“We received a report of a stolen motorcycle from an address in Butlers Lane on 1st January,” the spokesperson said.

“We have carried out enquiries since then, including reviewing CCTV footage provided to us. All operational decisions are made after reviewing the evidence available to us.

“In this case, all lines of enquiry have been reviewed at this time and no further action is being taken. If any further evidence or lines of enquiry are presented to us, we will, of course, review these.”

Those with information should contact officers on 101, quoting crime reference number 44200000624, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.