Rechargeable battery probable cause of summerhouse blaze

summerhouse fire milford
The summerhouse was destroyed in the blaze

A BLAZE which destroyed a summerhouse in Milford may have been sparked by a rechargeable battery in a shed, it has been revealed.


Dan Higgs was left with nothing but the clothes he was wearing after the fire ravaged the log cabin in which he had been living in the garden of a house in Northfield Road on Easter Monday.

As reported in the A&T, firefighters from Lymington and New Milton spent nearly two hours battling the blaze.

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson has since told the A&T that a senior officer who attended the incident believed the probable cause was a rechargeable battery in a shed.

The spokesperson was unable to confirm who the shed belonged to.

Neighbours rushed to alert Dan, who was inside the building wearing headphones, oblivious to the 12ft-high flames.

Robert Old, who lives next-door with his partner Kylie Haynes and five-year-old daughter Leah, said Kylie alerted him after hearing a crackling noise, and he saw huge orange flames coming from between some sheds.

“Within a few minutes the flames were 12ft high,” Robert said.

“It took hold incredibly quickly. I ran round and banged on the door to make sure Dan was out.

“He had headphones on so he hadn’t even heard it. A few more minutes and it doesn’t even bear thinking about.”