Residents fear more than one involved in cult-style attacks in village

Satanic animal attacks
Satanic and phallic symbols were sprayed onto St Peter’s Church in Bramshaw (Photo: Solent News)

AT LEAST two people must be behind the spate of Satanic-style animal attacks in Bramshaw, villagers believe.


As reported in the A&T on Monday, there are fears a Satanic-style cult is active in the area after sheep and cattle were found stabbed and sprayed with occult markings in the space of five days within a few miles of each other.

Further concern spread among residents after Satanic and phallic symbols were sprayed on the walls of nearby church, St Peter’s.

Owner of the village shop, Mike Mills, told the A&T he had been contacted by national news outlets since the news broke locally.

Satanic animal attacks
Mike Mills, owner of Bramshaw village shop

He added: “It’s been the talk of the village. There has to be more than one person involved as sheep are not easy to catch. With sheep, you have got to know what you are doing. They aren’t like ponies who will just come up to you.

“There’s talk that hypothetically someone must be using a van perhaps to get close before jumping out. Then the animals would be unsuspecting.”

Satanic animal attacks
The ewe had been knifed and sprayed with pentagrams (Photo: Solent News)

Referring to the cows found with puncture marks, Mr Mills referenced the recent incident in New Milton where a horse was found stabbed in its field.

He said: “It could be similar to that. With the cows, if it was something sharp like a bramble in the yard it would be unusual to have the marks in the same place on all of them.”

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, told the A&T: “I think the fact that it’s not just the animals being harmed, but the church was ‘decorated’, shall we say, shows that someone is trying to make some kind of point.

“But for what purpose, nobody knows and nobody will probably ever know.”