Rugby club takes action over roof invaders

Rugby Club New Milton
Youths caught climbing on the New Milton Rugby Club roof

MEASURES could be taken to restrict the access to the clubhouse roof of New Milton Rugby Club after youngsters clambered onto it.


Photos were taken of a group at the facility at Normans Way, Ashley, last Friday evening, a year after a similar incident resulted in hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The rugby club is based at the facility, which is owned by New Milton Town Council. Town clerk Graham Flexman said the two sides would meet to discuss what to do.

“This may include restricting access from the staircase to the first floor that provides access to the sloping roof,” he said.

“This could be encased with a door, and we may consider putting other preventative measures in place including anti-climb paint, etc.”

He added: “With the proposal for a refurbished playground, we intend to remove the hedge adjoining the field and carpark and may consider replacing this with gabion cages.

“The area between the car park and the playing fields could be obstructed to prevent unlawful encampment or vehicle access and this could be done by placement of several such gabion cages a few feet apart.

“They require no maintenance, present visually well, prevent unwanted vehicle access and would enable visitors to sit on them while watching games, etc.”

Rugby club chairman Andy Frend told the A&T: “It’s frustrating. There are two things – the damage that could be caused and the safety issue.

“If you’ve got kids going up on the roof someone could have an accident and hurt or kill themselves.”