Plea to keep cats indoors as RSPCA tackles soaring numbers of unwanted kittens

rspca kittens
The RSPCA has been inundated with unwanted kittens (picture: RSPCA)

CAT owners are being urged by the RSPCA to keep their pet indoors if it is not neutered as numbers of unwanted kittens soar.


The charity says it is facing a “cat crisis”, with more than 1,000 felines currently in its care. Since the government-imposed lockdown in March it has taken in 324 cats – more than any other pet – and the situation is set to get worse as kitten season gets under way.

Since then there have been 6,630 incidents reported to the charity’s hotline. In Dorset, 68 incidents about cats were reported, with a further 130 in Hampshire.

Head of the RSPCA’s companion animal department, Dr Samantha Gaines, said: “Every year the scale of the cat overpopulation problem becomes even more apparent from May to September, when most cats are born, and the RSPCA is often overwhelmed with kittens.

“We believe neutering cats from four months old will help tackle the cat overpopulation problem the UK faces. This will reduce the amount of unwanted and unexpected litters of kittens that are born and sadly end up in rescue centres.”

She added those who cannot get their female cats neutered should keep them indoors at this time.

To enable the charity to continue to rescue and treat animals it has launched an emergency appeal for funds. To donate visit