Mobile home developer ordered to stop work after ‘barrage of complaints’

Royale Life
The six large gas containers on a section of the Solent Grange development in New Lane, Milford

THE developer behind a luxury mobile home park in Milford has been told it must to cease work on part of the site following a “barrage” of complaints over the installation of six large gas containers.


The temporary stop notice, relating to a section of the Solent Grange development in New Lane, was issued to owners Royale Life by New Forest District Council’s head of planning Claire Upton Brown last Friday.

It means Royale Life must cease all activity on a field to the south of the established caravan park, where the gas containers have been put on a concrete hardstanding, until 13th December.

At Monday’s meeting of Milford Parish Council, clerk Graham Wells said he had contacted NFDC’s planning team in “frustration” after a number of residents had shared concerns about the latest developments on site.

He said: “I continue to receive a barrage of complaints on almost a daily basis.

“There has been quite some anxiety about the installation of these very large gas containers which certainly don’t look to be temporary because they sit on a concrete base.

“I was echoing the frustrations of the residents who have been coming to us about this.”

Mr Wells went on to complain that parish council members had previously been given reassurances that building would not be allowed on that section of the site due to the legislation surrounding habitat and species protection.

Located adjacent to the SSSI Sturt Pond, the grassy field had previously provided a haven and resting place for brent geese and other wildlife.

In a letter to Ms Upton Brown, he wrote: “As expected, this has been flouted with no apparent action taken by NFDC.”

As previously reported in the A&T, Royale Life is in the process of developing the former Carrington Park site with dozens of luxury pre-fabricated bungalows after a planning loophole enabled the retirement home builder to sell properties with the benefit of year-round occupation.

The site, which boasts extensive views of the Solent and Hurst Castle, also looks set to be developed with a swimming pool and coffee shop under plans by the retirement homes specialist. Properties are currently on the market with price tags of up to £450,000.

However, the development has prompted a huge number of complaints from Milford residents.

One said: “In the past Royale have destroyed hedges at this location on New Lane to make a new entrance into the adjacent field that now appears to be under development.

“The road surfaces in the vicinity are breaking up under the weight of concrete, sand, rubble, and very large vehicles being shipped in via the ‘new’ entrance.”

The resident continued: “Large vehicles with mobile homes on the back continue to drive over the pavement on the corner of Keyhaven Road and New lane, it is only a matter of time until either a person or property is damaged.

“I hope something can be done about this destruction of the local countryside, and danger to local residents.”

Keith Metcalf, of Milford Conservation Volunteers, said when the site had operated as Carrington Park it had been a haven for wildlife, often receiving rewards for its butterfly garden.

He commented: “We haven’t had any direct contact with Royale Life but we would be happy to advise them on ways they can enhance the environment for the benefit of wildlife.”

Following the complaints, NFDC issued a 28-day temporary stop notice which requires Royale to cease of the use of machinery on the land, along with the removal and depositing of goods, machinery or materials, all engineering operations and all work on or to the gas canisters.

Speaking on behalf of Royale Life, Jason Williams said: “We have a scheduled meeting with the council and our advisers and, while we can’t comment on specific issues, we are working closely with the council to take matters forward to a successful resolution.”