‘Half-hearted’ road markings fail to keep things clear

road markings christchurch
The partially completed road markings on the busy Bargates in Christchurch

DRIVERS were left bemused by “useless” road markings painted by workers who appear to have carried out half a job.


What should be a clear warning to drivers to “Keep Clear” of a junction box along Bargates in Christchurch was reduced to a meaningless couple of letters after roadworks.

One driver told the A&T she “could not believe my eyes” when she spotted the “half-heartedly” painted, incomplete road marking.

“It stopped me in my tracks – I had to take a photo,” she said.

“Most of the markings had been worn away prior to the recent roadworks, so to repaint just two letters appeared to be completely useless and a complete waste of time and money.”

Commenting on the botched job, Cllr Mark Anderson, cabinet member for environment, cleansing and waste, said the work had been carried out by digital infrastructure provider CityFibre.

“It had been undertaking core build work in Christchurch, digging up the road in order to lay new full-fibre across our conurbation,” he explained.

“As part of this contract, the company is required to reinstate the lining on the road, including any markings that were already there, which they have done.

“Unfortunately, this has meant that the new markings are whiter than the other markings on the remaining road.

“We have a regular programme of relining and are currently prioritising which areas need relining over the winter – with this area being one of them.”