Teenage surfer taken to hospital after being caught in riptide and swept onto rocks

Barton beach
Coastguards and a police helicopter were alerted

A TEENAGE surfer has described his frightening experience after being caught in a riptide and swept onto rocks.


The 13-year old Arnewood School pupil was taken to hospital following the incident on Sunday afternoon, which saw coastguards from Lymington and Southbourne alerted, along with a rescue helicopter.

The boy, who asked not named, told the A&T: “I have been surfing at Barton many times before as I live nearby.

“Yesterday [Sunday] I had been in the sea for a little while when I was caught in a riptide which began pulling me to the left and out to sea.

“I was swept onto some rocks but I wasn’t able to climb up because they were steep and slippery. The sea was rough and I cut my legs and feet.

“A man on the shore tried to help me and eventually I managed to get to the shore. He gave me blankets and took me to a beach hut to warm up.”

After being assessed at the scene, the teenager was taken by ambulance to Poole Hospital for a check-up.

The boy’s father said: “I would like to thank the people on the beach and the coastguards and ambulance service for their swift response in taking care of my son. He is a strong swimmer and often surfs at Barton, but the situation was still pretty frightening for him.”