Quick actions save life of young sailor swept overboard at Calshot Spit

rescue calshot spit
Rescue tend to the sailor (photo: Paul Courcha)

A LIFEBOAT mechanic’s quick actions were credited with saving the life of a young sailor who was swept off a small dinghy by the wash of a large vessel off Calshot Spit.


The local RNLI worker raised the alarm after spotting the person in difficulty on board the inflatable last Friday afternoon.

The lifeboat was launched, arriving to find the casualty had fallen overboard after being hit by a passing craft’s wash.

The lifeboat at the scene (photo: Paul Sleep)

They were recovered from the water and taken back to shore where they received medical treatment. No details of their condition were available.

A post afterwards on the RNLI Calshot Lifeboat Facebook page said the outcome could have been very different without the fast response by the mechanic and on-scene crew.

“On a grey, damp day like today with poor visibility and significantly fewer passers-by on the water, it’s likely that we would have been sharing a very different story in a few days’ time,” the post said.

“Had it not been for the actions of our mechanic who spotted the casualty in the first place. For the shore crew who were there, ready to launch immediately and later gave medical assistance on the boat’s return. And for the lifeboat crew who made good decisions, perfectly executed initial medical care and, most importantly, got there in time.”

It added: “Sleep well tonight crew, knowing that together you saved a young life today.”