Deadline looms to register your car to use Hampshire tips – or you may be charged

register car hampshire tips
Those who have not registered may be charged

RESIDENTS who have not yet registered their vehicles for free access to Hampshire tips are being urged to do so as charges for some are set to launch on Saturday.


The new system will see automatic number plate recognition cameras used to recognise registered vehicles to allow continued free use of the county council’s 24 household
waste recycling centres (HWRCs).

Cllr Rob Humby, cabinet member for economy, transport and environment, explained the aim was also to offer convenient access for people from other counties for a charge.

“This is an effective and environmentally practicable option for residents who live close to Hampshire’s borders while being fair to Hampshire residents who pay for the cost of the service through their council tax,” he said.

By Tuesday nearly 389,000 Hampshire households had already successfully registered. Access for non-Hampshire residents, including those in Dorset Council areas, will be charged at £5 per visit.

“Dealing with household waste is costly, which is why a number of our neighbouring authorities have already banned residents from outside their areas using their HWRCs,” Cllr Humby continued.

“This is not our intention in Hampshire – instead, a charge of £5 per visit for non-Hampshire residents will be introduced from August to offset the £500,000 annual cost of dealing with waste from non-Hampshire residents visiting our sites.

“The financial challenges facing local councils are well-documented and are now even more acute following the impact of Covid-19, so we need to look carefully at all our costs. I believe this new system is a fair and practical way to help with that.”

This scheme’s launch was postponed by four months after all tips closed at the end of March following government guidance amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Following the sites’ re-opening on 11th May with Covid-safe measures, high demand and large traffic queues forced the introduction of a booking system.

As well as registering their vehicles (up to three per household), Hampshire residents must make a booking for each visit.

Registrations can be made online at