Recycling banks to be removed from Totton car park after residents throw in general waste

recycling banks totton
The mixed recyclables bins at Totton Asda are being removed

RECYCLING bins are being removed from a Totton car park because they are being misused.


The blue mixed-recyclables banks will be wheeled from the Asda supermarket site on 11th September after general waste thrown in was “contaminating” the bins, New Forest District Council announced.

It explained on social media: “This means we have to send in a refuse truck to collect instead of a recycling truck, wasting resources diverting the refuse truck to this site several times a week.

“We’re also losing any recycling materials that have been put in the bins, as the high contamination means the entire contents have to be added to the black-sack type waste sent for incineration.”

It added: “We know this is not everyone who does this and most people want to do the right thing, so thank you to everyone who recycles correctly.”

The NFDC said glass recycling banks would remain but should be used only by residents who do not have home collections.

It also reminded businesses not to use recycling bank sites or household waste collection for disposing of rubbish.

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