SIR – Large numbers of mobile homes were seen in car parks today (20th May) around Whitemoor, Brockenhurst, and Wootton Bridge because Forestry England continues to ignore requests to open public toilets across the national park before the bank holiday, leaving those visitors without the luxury of a mobile home with nowhere to toilet except on the ground which is a needless humiliation after two months supporting the government in lockdown, and a health hazard for visitors and locals alike.


Also these large vehicles take two if not three spaces and are often poorly parked so the owner is able to access its side doors, significantly reducing the number of cars able to use national park car parks, so vehicles are parking on verges instead.

Forestry England then has the affront to further blame the public for damaging the verges despite it being the cause, not the public.

These are exceptional times. The public are under pressure as never before in living memory. Forestry England must, in step with the rest of the country, start making the mental as well as the physical health of the people of England its only priority for the duration of this crisis.

Open all car parks and open the toilets. Maximise the opportunities for the public to relax and keep a safe social distance.

It is hard to visualise a simpler social-distancing challenge than a two-cubicle toilet block with a wide open external door to a straight 8ft corridor off which there are just two toilet doors and a sink.

If the current administration has not the wherewithal to see the need for, and to find solutions for, such simple challenges as these, then it’s time to recognise that in a time of crisis there is no room for passengers anywhere in public office, least of all in positions of responsibility.

We need people in post who are not just capable but, most importantly, willing to help.
If all do not deliver their best for the people all the time, we risk losing control of our children’s and the country’s future.

Kathryn Whalley,