Council objects to £1bn plans for Fawley power station

power station totton council
A watercolour of updated proposals for the Fawley Power Station site

AN OBJECTION to plans to redevelop the former Fawley power station site with new homes and commercial properties has been made by Totton and Eling Town Council.


Newly amended proposals for the near-£1bn scheme have been submitted to New Forest District Council and the national park authority, as previously reported in the A&T.

Changes to the plan include the removal of an 11-storey glass tower, which will be replaced by a building four to five storeys high and of mixed use.

The change is just one of several differences in the new plans to those originally put forward last year. Others include replacing residential properties in the Northern Quarter with commercial floorspace, and a reduction in retail units in the area.

The application was discussed at an online meeting of the council’s planning committee on Wednesday last week, with consideration given to the impact it would have on the local area.

Although members expressed support for the design and layout of the scheme, as well as noting it would provide much needed housing and create many jobs, it is recommending it for refusal.

Reasons for the objection include the impact on the road network, with traffic congestion along the A326 and A35, as well as worsening air quality issues already experienced in the town.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr David Harrison, a town, district and county councillor, said: “I think there has been a failure to appreciate the consequences of likely traffic impacts on areas like Marchwood and Totton that already suffer enough problems.

“It’s such a shame, because most people think the project is a very good one, beautifully designed with a lot of merit. Unfortunately, anyone that uses the A326 will never accept that you could build so many houses at Fawley without congestion, rat-running and air quality becoming a major problem north of Hythe.

“The issue needs addressing, not ignoring, and a large part of that would be reinstating the rail passenger service along the Waterside.”

An extension to allow NFDC and the NPA time to review the revised application has been granted until 28th August.



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