Parish to appeal Royal Mail’s U-turn on relocating village post box

post box brockenhurst
The shut post box in Brookley Road was painted black

A U-TURN on a promise to relocate a post box in central Brockenhurst is to be contested by the parish council.


Councillors had been told by Royal Mail that the box in Brookley Road – which was decomissioned without warning just before Christmas last year – would be replaced somewhere nearby.

However, the council’s latest meeting heard Royal Mail was now saying the restoration of the box was not necessary because the nearby Welcome store had a Post Office branch.

Members were not happy because coronavirus regulations limit the amount of people in the Welcome store at any one time, it is not designated as a “priority post box”, and many residents will soon be wanting to post Christmas cards.

Parish clerk Jim Bailey told the A&T that the council will be “pushing back” against the Royal Mail’s decision.



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