Eight new police officers confirmed for New Forest as 156 recruited for county

police new forest
More than 3,000 applications were received for the new roles

THE New Forest will be getting eight new police officers out of the 156 being brought into Hampshire’s force as part of a government recruitment drive.


The allocation of officers across the county has been announced after Hampshire Constabulary completed the first year of the government’s uplift programme on 26th June, with 3,000 applications having been received.

The force said it had been working to ensure its officers reflect the communities they serve by seeking both quality and greater diversity in its application process.

Crime figures and demand have driven the allocation of the 156 new officers, 113 of whom will be stationed across the county’s districts.

As well as the eight officers for the New Forest district, other deployments include 20 for Southampton and nine for the Isle of Wight.

But a spokesperson for Hampshire police stressed the force operates a ‘borderless’ policy, meaning officers can be deployed away from their assigned locations if necessary.

Each region is also supported by a number of other teams, including response officers, investigations personnel and various specialist departments.

The remaining 43 new officers are being deployed across local crime investigation departments, as well as Hampshire police’s contact management team, and specialist criminal investigation teams including the Child Abuse Investigation Team and high harm teams.

Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth said: “We are constantly striving to serve and support all in our communities the best we can each day.

“Part of this is ensuring that, as a force, we truly reflect those we are serving.

“It is very pleasing to see that within the 3,000 applications received there are 13% who are from diverse backgrounds.

“I am also very happy that we have been able to push forward with our recruitment programme throughout the pandemic, and that we are now able to announce how we will be deploying the 156 officers who will be hired through the government uplift.”

ACC Blyth added: “Our aim is to become an employer of choice, focused on attraction, retention and progression, bringing the best and talented individuals into the constabulary, ensuring they can all reach their true potential.”



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