Fresh pictures of plans for run-down Lymington Quay toilets


FRESH images have been released showing how the planned new toilet block on Lymington Town Quay would look, complete with a café or wine bar.


The pictures released by New Forest District Council show a building of a modern design with a roof terrace for people to enjoy the river views.

Front views of the £1.2m building show that the eatery facing the quayside will have a glazed front wall with tables and chairs outside.

An internal staircase and lift will take people up to the roof terrace which juts out over the riverside walk.

Further pictures of the block show how it will take pride of place on the quay – which has recently been tidied after complaints from residents about weeds and rubbish.

One local business owner on the quay revealed to the A&T she was planning to apply for the tender of the catering outlet if it was offered as a wine bar.

Grace Murphy, who runs Coffee and Drift, said: “I think it would be great to have one there and I think I would do a great job of running it.

She added: “I do have a very supportive customer base and I think they would really enjoy a wine bar. I can understand why people would feel threatened by additional cafe competition.

“I do feel the quay is saturated with café offerings and there is no need for another one. I feel the outlet would operate better as a wine bar and would offer something different in the area.”

When the A&T published the previous image of the proposed new block, Coffee and Drift customers urged Ms Murphy on social media to make a bid for the wine bar space, saying she could call it ‘Cork and Drift’.

The café/wine bar will have 12 covers downstairs and 20 upstairs, when Covid-19 restrictions allow.

An application for the new block is due to be submitted by the council to its planning department this month. If given the go-ahead, it is hoped construction will start in September, finishing by spring next year.

There will be seven toilets, including one for disabled people, and seven shower units for the use by yacht owners.

There will be no loss of parking spaces as the replacement building has the same footprint of the current one, although it is slightly longer.

* A quote from Grace Murphy has been updated from an earlier version of this story 



  1. “I am against a café opening there because I think it would be unfair competition” said a local coffee shop owner.

    I’m fairly confident there’s a wine bar on the quay, so surely a wine bar concession here would be unfair competition to them?

    The whole thing seems unnecessarily elaborate to me and if we’ve learned anything from the beach huts at MoS is likely to cost significantly more than expected.

  2. This proposed building, although very nice is hardly in keeping with surrounding buildings etc. Something on the style of nearby properties would be better.

  3. “Detrimental to the local street scene” to use the jargon planners understand! Surely you can do better! Is it so politically sensitive to reduce the number of parking places? Perhaps it is, but that’s unfortunate! Be bold!

  4. What gives the council the right to put such an eye sore, it will dominate the quay and looks like a gun implacement. Toilets and a couple of showers what more is needed

  5. Completely dominates the quay and is totally out of keeping with the character buildings around the quay. Also, why keep the car parking as this spoils the atmosphere of the quay area? The car park should be replaced by a small garden with shrubs, flowers and seats for people to relax. In this age of “going green” why can’t visitors park elsewhere and walk?

  6. That design is absolutely monstrous!! What is the matter with the Lymington council? We got stuck with that ghastly Redrow development, which was and is, hated by the locals and townsfolk. That design for new public lavatories and a cafe or whatever, is totally out of place and dominates the whole harbour. Who designed it for heaven’s sake? I agree it looks like a wartime bunker. This was a beautiful old Georgian town. It has been totally ruined by inappropriate building, too many expensive ‘retirement ‘ properties and the destruction of local individual traders and shops. Reduce the rates for traders and shops, build houses affordable by young people! Keep them in Lymington, build for the future. That does not mean destruction of the old. What has the Redrow development cones for the town? Expensive second homes, empty most of the time. I’m a newcomer, 23 years resident. How I resent what Lymington has become, it should have been much better served by the NFDC. Aggggh!!

  7. I like new, different and modern. Take care the venue has enough inside space too- the weather isn’t always kind. And there needs to be space to nibble on a scotch egg too!

  8. Certainly not against a new loo block as it serves an important purpose but the design itself is spectacularly ugly. I never did like Brutalist architecture but this stands out like a sore thumb in its ugliness. Just no!

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