Petition demanding parking improvements prompts enforcement pledge

Fordingbridge car parking
A petition was launched to improve parking in Fordingbridge (Photo: stock image)

PARKING patrols are to be stepped up in Fordingbridge after hundreds of residents signed a petition demanding a main road in the town be made safer.


New Forest District Council has agreed to calls for more parking regulations on the busy Salisbury Street after a warning to “act now before somebody is injured or killed”.

Posted by local resident Mike Harley, the online petition said traffic problems in the road had resulted in accidents.

It added: “Recent developments have added several homes with no parking, whilst access to shops and takeaways presents a further problem, especially in the evenings and overnight.

“Vehicles are parked, often on both sides, creating a difficult chicane. Increasingly, parking violations are occurring in the day time as well.

“It is particularly dangerous for vehicles travelling south, which regularly have to overtake a long line of parked vehicles, whist unable to see approaching traffic from the roundabout.”

The petition, signed by around 330 people, also said it was difficult for bus services to navigate the road, and warned the congestion may pose serious risk if emergency service vehicles could not get through.

It cautioned: “A change to parking regulations will affect residents who currently park near their homes and it may be necessary for the council to make provision for their parking needs within the car park to facilitate this change to a safer Salisbury Street.”

Responding, NFDC’s executive head of operations Colin Read said: “Our parking enforcement officers do visit this area regularly, during the day and in the evenings, and we will be increasing the frequency of parking patrols in the area as a result of these concerns.

“Parking enforcement is only part of the answer and possible solutions do need to be carefully considered.

“We will be reviewing the parking orders that are in place there and liaising with the town council to understand local concerns.”