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BCP gender debate a "waste of time"

SIR – I have to admit that I had to read your article more than once before I could fully digest what was being debated at the BCP Council meeting about gender bias (A&T, 9th April). God give me strength, has society become so petty-minded that subjects like this should be given even the briefest of air time in public, let alone by councillors in a full-blown meeting?

Letter writer accuses BCP councillors of "petty-mindedness"
Letter writer accuses BCP councillors of "petty-mindedness"

With the world falling apart around our ears, they still find time for meaningless tripe like this to talk about. If this is the calibre of councillor we have elected to run us, all hope is lost. Vote them out when you can and get people in who can do the job sensibly.

I’m a man, my wife is a woman and we are married (wife being the giveaway clue). I am more than happy for people to know my status in life, Mr and Mrs, and if my wife is referred to as a chairman in a meeting, she does not break down in tears and throw her toys out of the pram. (Who on earth suggested chair or chairperson?)

It’s not about gender bias, this is all about the slow process of gender neutralisation or, as I prefer to call it, gender sterilisation where one will at some stage never be able to tell what sex anyone is unless we see them naked. Gender identification names and references will become banned completely if these people have their way and we will all be referred to as ‘it’, followed by a number instead of a name – much easier (ear tagging to follow).

John Walsh,

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