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Reader's letter: Extinction Rebellion should be setting sights on other countries

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SIR – Now that Extinction Rebellion are protesting (A&T, 27th August) once again over the next two weeks, like them, I also have become increasingly concerned about the global actions regarding climate change.

Worryingly, we had spent approximately £50m policing the previous demonstrations, never mind the insurance claims for damage.

However, we’ve already seen the devastating fires, and flooding throughout the world. We hear about the catastrophic deforestation in the Amazon, also the desertification, leading to famines in African countries.

Extinction Rebellion activists at Fawley
Extinction Rebellion activists at Fawley

What we don’t hear about are the actions of other countries who have promised to help rectify these terrible global problems.

We heard the alarming predictions by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) where German politicians were heralding the dangers of global warming.

“The planet is in mortal danger,” warned Svenja Schultz, environment minister in Merkel’s CDU Party, not mentioning that Germany created 605-million tons of carbon dioxide last year, compared to our estimated 326-million.

Germany’s manufacturing base and huge export industry all contribute to their huge emissions levy. The last three of their nuclear power stations won’t close until next year and, despite wind power and solar energy, 20% of Germany’s energy is generated from lignite, poor quality brown coal, creating huge levels of carbon dioxide and sulphur.

So my question is: why can’t Extinction Rebellion protest for two weeks outside the German embassy; failing that, outside the car manufacturing plants, and others?

The UK have a carbon emissions level of approximately 1.1, with our last coal mine being decommissioned by 2024, which will be highlighted at the Cop26 UN Climate Change summit and we are all trying to do our ‘bit’ in spite of Extinction Rebellion.

In conclusion, we can’t forget the coal plants in some Asian countries. According to Carbon Tracker, a financial think tank, India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, and especially China plan to open in excess of 600 mines, despite climate experts at the UN calling for the plans to be cancelled!

Fran Cossey,


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