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Pickers will not solve litter problem

SIR – I agree that we have a serious litter problem, not only in the New Forest but the whole country. However, the more you publicise volunteer “pickers” clearing rubbish from local beauty spots etc (A&T, 2nd April) the problem will not be solved.

Those who are too lazy and, let’s face it, ignorant, will always see it as someone else’s problem.

Reader says publicising litter pickers failing to "shame" people
Reader says publicising litter pickers failing to "shame" people

It doesn’t matter to them if they leave their trash because there’s a group of people ready and willing to clear it up.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to identify groups of picnickers or those in car park areas. It’s 2021; we have the technology.

We need to issue serious fines - it’s the only way to get the message home. If they can’t pay, spend a month clearing up.

Photos of happy smiling groups picking up others’ rubbish won’t shame the right people.

Barbara Mitchell,

Dibden Purlieu

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