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Letters: Ridiculous New Forest parking charges rise

Thank you for publicising the proposed NFDC parking charge increases (A&T 13th Oct).

I am trying to comprehend what goes through the minds of our elected councillors when they make such ridiculous proposals as with the long-stay parking clock. Is it malice, vindictiveness or just plain stupidity?

Totton car park (picture: NFDC)
Totton car park (picture: NFDC)

By my calculation, the proposed increase for the long-stay clock is 63%. We all understand that inflation is affecting the council, along with us all. So, a 10-15% increase may be justifiable.

I agree with Cllr Wade, whom you quote as saying that the increases are "targeting our own residents… milking the local motorists… a double whammy for local businesses".

These proposals appear to be an attempt to manipulate local residents by unexplained political machinations. Perhaps our elected politicians could stop and think of their electors' needs as well as those of the council and make some sensible, reasoned proposals to help balance the authority's budget, instead of 'picking the low-hanging fruit'.

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SO the local Lymington motorists are to be ‘fleeced’ again – New Forest District Council’s price for local amenity parking clocks to virtually double (A&T 13th Oct)?

The most telling line in your recent front page report is "The increases were approved at a meeting of the Conservative-controlled council".

And nowhere in your article is there any justification for this monumental rip-off.

While the 'sheeple' of Lymington continue to vote Conservative, they will continue to be 'shorn'.

Time for councillors to be Independent so they can represent the local people who vote for them.

Mike Beggs


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THE New Forest District Council has, in its short sightedness, opted to increase parking clocks from £30 to £40 for the three hours parking limit.

I can’t complain at that, it pays for itself in no time. However, the long-stay clock enables cars to stay for the length of parking times allowed by that particular car park so it’s over the three-hour limit. That means it could be up to 20 hours parking. Basically if you went to Winchester to work you could leave your car in Elm Road car park in New Milton and walk to the station.

I’ve been purchasing the long stay for the last two or three years, and I’m retired so use it for the maximum of four or five hours once a week. The rest of the time it’s only shopping or a quick lunch or coffee in town, but you can park in the cliff top car parks.

I will not be paying the new fee of £220 rather than present £140. It’s already gone up from £120 to the present £140. It’s a ridiculous increase and cannot be justified surely, especially as it’s free to park in Waitrose. Even Marks & Spencer offers two hours of free parking – it will just mean more street parking!

Once again the NFDC is penalising the driver, just like they use the home owner as a piggy bank when they haven’t been very good with budgets or staff pay rises!

They continue every year to increase the council tax as high as they can!

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