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Letter: Why men in Lycra frighten me

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SIR – Why do men in Lycra who cycle along the seafront of Milford early in the morning, frighten the life out of me?

Well, on a beautiful morning, I walk my puppy on a lead who weaves side to side to sniff the interesting smells.

Totally unaware of the silent cyclist behind me, he or I nearly take us all out, which could result in some painful injuries.

If a bell does not fit your image, could you at least shout out: "coming through", and warn any pedestrian so we could move to one side of the path?

You don’t own the path – you share it with all walkers, but frequently put us all in unnecessary danger!

Either way, your manhood is not in doubt but my safety is.

So please let us know, whilst considering those who may have a hearing problem.

Name and address supplied

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