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Letter: Wheelie bins for financial rather than environmental reasons

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SIR – The ongoing discussions on wheelie bins, including me, have been going on for about two years.

Have to accept it is a done deal but feel it is far more for financial reasons rather than the prolific green reasons! Bins only emptied every two weeks, not weekly – how does this increase recycling rates?

The thought of a filthy slop food bin leaves me with nothing but total disgust.

New Forest District Council is set to bring in wheelie bins from 2024
New Forest District Council is set to bring in wheelie bins from 2024

Thirty years ago, we installed a waste disposal unit; simple and no food goes into a waste bin other than perhaps a large chop bone which is cling filmed and triple wrapped. Some years ago a Wiltshire authority even gave an incentive to residents to install a waste disposal unit.

Pity the poor New Forest District Council residents who have mobility problems; despite waffle don't expect help. The bins must be left outside the property boundary, without fail.

I raised concerns about glass collection bins outside the property: what about yobs breaking bottles, which did happen?

The NFDC response was that it was no problem and if it happens again they will send a team to clean it up. Words fail me; another excuse to raise the council tax.

There is supposed to have been a full public consultation on this subject. When? Public bodies should recognise that not everybody is computer literate nor has any intention of being so, and I would suspect this is very relevant in our area.

Let's have a survey of all NFDC residents, by post. Who has an active email account? Could be quite revealing!

We are now going to be faced, where families who go out for work all day, with their wheelie bins providing a complete eyesore to the street scene.

Believe me, having moved from the Midlands some 52 years ago, I have seen it and it is not what I ever expected to see in our, even in New Milton, very attractive rural area.

Chris Moore,
New Milton

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