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Letter: Stop using the aggressive word 'jab'

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SIR – I have not been "single-jabbed", "double-jabbed" or "multi-jabbed" against Covid-19. I have received two vaccinations very carefully, professionally and painlessly administered at a well organised clinic held at the Milford Memorial Hospital some months ago.

However, it is no surprise to me that children, and some nervous adults, are put off the procedure by the use of the word jab.

This word is associated, particularly in many young minds, with an aggressive action often intended to cause pain and often used by older bullies at school or in the street.

It has always surprised me that politicians, the media and even some medical people are happy to use the word and are clearly oblivious to any sensitivities that the young or nervous may have.

Is it that they think we don’t understand long words like vaccination or is it that in their eagerness to impress us to action they are just careless with language? Whatever the cause, could we get them to use the proper word?

They may be surprised at the reaction and get an increase in voluntary vaccinations rather then trying to force the young to have them.

Terry Langford,

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