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Letter: So many questions about Holmsley bridge replacement

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SIR – The new bridge installed at Holmsley, including the works to the roads immediately around it, has cost millions.

Why would you make a new road the same width as the 60-year-old road you are replacing?

Why would you not create a cycle lane on the new road?

An aerial view of the work in March (photo: Knights Brown)
An aerial view of the work in March (photo: Knights Brown)

Why would you not tarmac 300 yards of road to meet the cattle grid? The result of which will mean the old road and tarmac will need doing again.

Why would you not make a new straight road over the bridge? Who is in charge?

Regarding the M3 upgrading of the central reservation, can someone get in charge of this?

Eight miles of cones and hours of delays. People are having to deal with this day in and day out just trying to get to and from work, not to mention holiday makers trying to make their way to the New Forest and beyond.

I drove through a few days ago and witnessed 10 workmen present. Three were on their phones; three were stood talking; four were sitting in their stationary diggers.

Has there ever been a vehicle crash through the central reservation in the past 30 years? This existing barrier is made of steel, with serious foundations. It does not need replacing.

Has anyone told National Highways that the strongest structures in the world are made from reinforced steel and reinforced concrete? This structure is used the world over because it works! So why not mould concrete around the cracked barrier?

This is 10 times cheaper and 10 times quicker. The work could be done in months and not prolonged until September 2023.

It seems that in this day and age, no one wants to take responsibility. Why can the work not be carried out on a 24-hour shift basis?

The A31 at Ringwood is another total embarrassment. One-and-a-half miles of dual carriageway still nowhere near finished over a year on.

It is time the highway contractors and authorities were put into shape!

Sammy Miller,
New Milton

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