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Letter: Running down the NHS is a betrayal

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SIR – Suppose your house burned down and on calling the insurance company you were told: unfortunately, we paid out too high a proportion of your premiums to our shareholders so, sorry, but we aren’t actually able to fulfil our contract with you so you are left in the poo (the water company model).

Or you were told: sorry, although you paid your premiums for decades, unfortunately we have run down our services and it will be weeks if not months before we can look at your claim and then maybe a year or more before we can do anything to help you (the NHS model).

When in the 1980s public-owned assets were sold off for reasons of efficiency, it was all a con.

Is the NHS being primed for privatisation?
Is the NHS being primed for privatisation?

In the last 12 years the NHS has been systematically run down and is being quietly primed for privatisation.

And for those of us who paid our taxes and National Insurance levies all our working lives on the promise of 'free' health care in our latter years – a betrayal and another confidence trick.

And if you think not, and still have faith, where is that promised daily £350m?

Rod England,

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