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Loneliness is now affecting young and old alike

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SIR – I had occasion to call in at M&S one morning this week.

The product I wanted was situated high up on a top shelf and as I have no great height I could barely reach the article.

Within seconds an elderly lady customer saw my difficulty and immediately came to my aid by stretching up and securing the item for me.

Loneliness is "something we should all care about" (stock image) (55401168)
Loneliness is "something we should all care about" (stock image) (55401168)

I expressed my gratitude by thanking her and saying how kind she was but it was her reply which jolted me somewhat.

She admitted that it was a pleasure to be of help as I would probably be the only person she would have occasion to speak to throughout the rest of the day, and with a smile she went on her way.

It was not until later, when upon reflection, that I wondered what sort of community we have now become when there are obviously such people who are so lonely that not one word passes their lips throughout an entire day and possibly even a week or longer.

This not only shook me but also saddened me to think that there must be many people both young and old today who are all in this same boat and feel so left out and possibly unloved.

It is something we should all care about and do as much as we can personally, even if it is only to give a friendly smile and pass on the time of


It can make all the difference to a life.

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