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Letter: Raising awareness of hedgehogs' demise

SIR – Peter Whitfield (Letters, 14th May) has made a very important observation about the decline of our native hedgehog – a common sight in the 1950s when the UK's estimated population was around 30-million, but is now less than 1-million, putting them in the vulnerable/endangered category.

The reasons are manyfold and not solely down to badgers eating them. I would urge all readers to go onto a couple of internet sites I found, to get the full story.

(Picture: Mecha Morton)
(Picture: Mecha Morton)

Some of the reasons may surprise you: wildlifeonline.me.uk and hedgehogstreet.org

This would be of particular help and interest to our younger children as a possible way to create a project to help the hedgehog survive.

In the meantime, I would urge all keen gardeners who are frustrated by the relentless attack on their gardens not to use the blue slug pellets as these are detrimental to hedgehogs – not always fatal, but can reduce their ability to reproduce.

There are other types of pellets in the garden centres that are safe to use.

John Walsh,
Address supplied

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