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Letter: New Milton should spend less on the lake and more at the rec

I read in the A&T (2nd Feb) that New Milton Town Council is scheduled to spend £134,000 on upgrading and carrying out apparently essential work on Ballard Lake.

It is certainly a lovely spot which should be maintained in good order but because, of its location at the far north of the town, it’s not easily accessible to some residents and doesn’t attract the number of people (especially during summer “event” occasions) who spend time on the recreation ground – acknowledged as New Milton’s ‘jewel In the crown’.

It surely follows, therefore, that resources should also be allocated to prioritise improvements to it and its surroundings. I’m by no means suggesting special features which will immediately be trashed by the town’s yob fraternity, but certainly ensuring the shrubbery is cared for and replaced as necessary, and paths are as level as possible.

Ballard Lake (picture: New Milton Town Council)
Ballard Lake (picture: New Milton Town Council)

I would particularly point out the two short paths onto the rec from Whitefield Road which are badly rutted, uneven, and so somewhat hazardous for prams, wheelchairs and walking aids, particularly when rain creates puddles that hide the “pit-falls”.

Halfway up on one side of the rec there are huge white bags of gravel which have been sitting there as a quite-untouched eyesore for months. Near the entrance opposite the fire station there are two wooden seats donated by Almansa many years ago, so well past their sell-by – again an eyesore with debris piled underneath them seldom cleared.

Whitefield Road itself borders about half of the rec so is greatly used and yet it all looks quite neglected with unsightly, ancient straggling shrubbery (some of it dead!) always needing cutting back to prevent passers-by having their faces scratched by overgrown brambles while walking along the narrow pavement.

A much-needed, loved facility in the centre of town warranting constant attention.

Having said all that, grateful thanks must go to the town council groundspeople who, day after day, have to clear up the diabolic, sometimes unbelievably unpleasant mess left by those using the skate park and netball areas.

Phyllis Inglis

New Milton

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