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Letter: New Forest as a national park is not worth it

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SIR – Once again I read that a planning application has been submitted to New Forest District Council to built homes on agricultural land, forgetting that our population is nearing 70-million.

Where will our food come from? Can we assume that our world will be peaceful in the future and will not have threats like with electricity cut-offs, then food cut-offs?

When the overpaid, overwork force that is the national park authority was formed, it was noted that Ringwood and Fordingbridge were excluded. Therefore our government left these areas to be developed, in my opinion. This is happening. It is also happening in east Dorset.

Is there too much money spent on the national park?
Is there too much money spent on the national park?

The New Forest National Park, in my opinion, is top heavy with organisations from the national park authority and Forestry England to Hampshire County Council and all the hangers-on such as Natural England etc.

That means for such a small parcel of land (smallest park in the UK) it has too much money spent on it. It is over-grazed by too many commoners who believe they own the land, forgetting that all this has to be paid for by the taxpayer.

It is, in my opinion, not worth the money.

Glad Brown,

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