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Letter: Museum staff not responsible for parking fee increase in New Forest town

On Saturday 30th I was having a quiet breakfast in the excellent cafe at the St Barbe Museum. Suddenly there was a furore from the reception desk. I went to see what was causing the problem.

There were a number of Lymington residents who were haranguing the two ladies in charge. But what was the problem? It was the 70% increase in the cost of the annual parking clock for residents.

The poor ladies being persecuted are, of course, totally innocent of any blame for the increase. As previously reported in Lymington Times, the increase is entirely due to the Conservative majority on New Forest District Council. Those are the people that the residents should be haranguing.

St Barbe Museum in Lymington
St Barbe Museum in Lymington

While the local council elections continue to support a Conservative majority, the residents of Lymington will continue to be regarded as ‘cash cows’, to be milked at every opportunity. Is it not time for local councillors to be Independent so they can represent the voters who support them?

Mike Beggs


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