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Letter: Motorcyclists must slow down

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SIR – I have just read your unfortunate and very sad news of two motorcyclists killed on the A326 (A&T, 8th October).

I would urge motorcyclists to be patient, wait and follow the 40mph speed limit around the Marchwood junctions.

Too many times I am overtaken by motorcyclists. But I am driving at 40mph because of the motorcyclists' deaths at the junctions. Do not overtake me!

Do motorcyclists ride too fast?
Do motorcyclists ride too fast?

I have been overtaken at the Marchwood Infant School junction, overtaken at a junction, over the red lines that are there to protect drivers sat in the middle of the road – too many times, overtaken!

It was a bypass, 60mph, to bypass the village of Marchwood; now 40mph because of motorcyclist deaths. I suggest no entrance or exits on the bypass. Drivers can drive through Marchwood village and exit safely at Dibden roundablout or via Jacobs Gutter Lane to continue to Southampton and beyond.

The bypass is a busy commuter road. Drivers joining or exiting have to take care and take time and wait for a safe manoeuvre. If not, drive out of the village of Marchwood through a 30/40mph speed limit for your journey.

Keep exits and entrances to the bypass for emergency services only. There is no need to exit or enter it along the stretch from Hounsdown to Hardley roundabout.

I live in Holbury and what is the widening of lanes off the roundabouts going to achieve? Two drivers who don't want to give way to the other!

Before, you would get the odd driver trying to cut in, but now? Just made worse, room for two, until into one lane – my thoughts confirmed, overhearing in a local shop! So, not just my thoughts.

Anyone else agree?

Miss C. Bedford,

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