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Letter: Many in our third world nation have lost touch with reality and don’t care

When did this country cross the line and become a third world nation in crisis?

The people who apparently govern us appear to be self serving, pocket lining, seedy tax dodgers, or petty crooks. They are mere shadows of real politicians who are not prepared to put their heads above the parapet when it matters and “do something ”, but are more concerned with safeguarding their salaries, their bogus multi-’directorships’ and their pension pots, and are happy to blame everyone else for their shortcomings.

Perhaps Afghanistan could help us out with a little sub, from the £187 million in aid we gave them in 2021, or Nigeria £140 million (same year) or even the paltry £48 million we gave bizarrely to China in the same year – I think not! We should get our own house in order before we start spreading around what we don’t have.

We have our own problems – the failing (failed) NHS, the cost of the Covid epidemic and all the problems arising from that, and still on-going, the housing crisis, food banks, costs and failure of the illegal immigration policies plus many, many more.

On a more personal and local level and to show how the apathetic attitude of policy makers, leaders of industry, self appointed “influencers” and so called “celebrities” has filtered down to ordinary Joe public and my reason for writing is that for the last 10 years or so I’ve noticed a real “couldn’t care less” attitude from people, firms and service providers, etc.

Late 2020 into 2021 I contacted a local builder to have work done in the house, the price and work schedule was agreed – five times over a three-month period we had to chase him over missed appointments and deadlines, the last we heard was his “without fail” end of January 2021. We are still waiting with bated breath.

Another example: the NFDC failed to collect our bottle/glass box. I submitted a “missed collection” form on their website, I had an electronically generated reply saying it would be looked into – it should have read “do we care?” We still have a boxful of bottles and glass and an empty email in-box.

And don’t get me started on doctors and over-the-phone appointments !

None of this is the end of the world, but it just shows the type of people that are out there running things or supposedly providing a product or service, they have lost touch with reality and they don’t care. They have no pride or scruples and hide behind their laptops or mobile phones and pathetic excuses. As I say, third world mentality.

A Metcalfe


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